Review Policy


Review Requests:

We are currently accepting books from publishers and authors (not including self-published) in Young Adult (all genres) and Middle Grade (all genres).

In your review request, please include the author’s name, publisher’s details (if not self-published), a Goodreads link, and a description of the book.

If you would like to contact us, shoot us an email at and we will be sure to reply as soon as possible!

Where We Post Reviews:

All the reviews that We write are posted on this blog as well as our Goodreads page. (@Pocket Full of Pages).

We will also make posts about the book and snippets of our review on our Instagram page (@pocketfull_ofpages) and on twitter (@pocket_pages)

Review System:


4 stars – We really enjoyed this book and will definitely be continuing on with the series if there is one.

3 stars – This book was okay and we liked it however, it was pretty average and we may or may not continue on with the series if there is one.

2 stars – We did not like this book and will not be continuing on with the series if there is one.

1 star – hated it.

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