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September Wrap Up & October TBR

We are now in the month of October so it’s about time we wrapped up our September reading month. We are actually quite happy with the amount of books we read during September as we are 1 book away from completing our goodreads goal.

We managed to read 8 books during September. We have just returned to school after two weeks of holidays so hopefully our assessments this term aren’t too hectic.

Books Read in August:


October TBR:

  • ‘Nevernight’ by Jay Kristoff
  • ‘The Pearl Thief’ by Elizabeth Wein
  • ‘Bad Romance’ by Heather Demetrios.
  • ‘Saints For All Occasions’ by J.Courtney Sullivan
  • ‘Sparrow’ Scot Gardner.
  • ‘The Traitor and The Thief’ by Gareth Ward
  • ‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu


What are you planning to read this month?

~Georgia and Morgan


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August Wrap Up & September TBR

We are now in the month of September so it’s about time we wrapped up our August reading month… We have been absolutely terrible at blogging during August which we apologize for. We have just had such a crazy semester at school/university however, hopefully we will have more time to read this month!

We only managed to read 6 books during August. We have holidays in 2 weeks so we are really looking forwards to having lots of time to read and relax!

Books Read in August:


September TBR:

  • ‘Song of the Current’ by Sarah Tolcser.
  • ‘Daughter Of The Burning City’ by Amanda Foody.
  • ‘Bad Romance’ by Heather Demetrios.
  • ‘Heart of Mist’ by Helen Scheuerer.
  • ‘Landscape with Invisible Hand’ by M.T. Anderson.
  • ‘Sparrow’ Scot Gardner.
  • ‘The Crowns of Croswald’ by D.E. Night.

We also aim to finish our current reads which are ‘Illuminae’ by Amie Kaufman and ‘IDA’ by Alison Evans.


Have a great reading month!

~ Georgia and Morgan.

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July Wrap Up & August TBR

Okay… it is now August?! Where has July gone? Is it just us or did July literally just fly by? This year is just going so fast! For our monthly ‘Wrap up in July’, we read a total of 9 books! Although this wasn’t our best reading month, we are really happy with how we balance our reading with all our assessment for School and University 😊.


What we read:

August TBR:

  • ‘When It’s Real’ by Erin Watt.
  • ‘Song of the Current’ by Sarah Tolcser.
  • ‘Phantom Limbs’ by Paula Garner.
  • ‘Daughter Of The Burning City’ by Amanda Foody.
  • ‘IDA’ by Alison Evans.
  • ‘The Love Interest’ by Cale Dietrich.
  • ‘Bad Romance’ by Heather Demetrios.
  • ‘Illuminae’ by Amie Kaufman.


Have you read any of these books? If you have, did you enjoy them? Let us know in the comments! Happy Reading! 😊

~ Georgia & Morgan.

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June Wrap Up & July TBR

It’s that time of the month again when we do our wrap up of what we read last month and introduce our TBR. We tried our very best to stick close to it in the month of June.

We will leave links to all our reviews and links to the book synopsis of each book on our TBR.


What we read:

We managed to read a total of 8 books in June. Our favourite was ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas ❤️.

June TBR:


We do have a very busy month coming up with school and university, so fingers crossed we can get to most of these!

We hope you all have a great reading month 😊.

What new releases are you looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments! ❤️.

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June 2017- TBR

Hey guys! We have been really motivated and productive these last two months and have been slowly getting through our never ending TBR at a fast pace! We are hoping with our June TBR that we can continue this streak. Our TBR consists of books that we either bought ourselves, were sent from publishers or received as gifts! 😊

We will leave a link to all of these books so that you will be able to read the blurb of the following titles:

  1. ‘Girl on the Verge’ by Pintip Dunn. Kensington Books kindly sent us an ebook copy of this book to review. It sounds really interesting.
  2. The Elite’ by Kiera Cass. Continuing on with our re-read of this series. We recently re-read ‘The Selection’ also by Kiera Cass. Review found here.
  3. Laurinda’ by Alice Pung. We have been wanting to read this ever since we first received it in the mail last month. We are really excited for this read, thank you again to Black Inc for sending us a copy to review.
  4. ‘Pointe, Claw’ by Amber, J. Keyser. We recently received this in the mail. Thank you to Walker Books Australia for sending us this book to review. We are really looking forward to reading this.
  5. ‘Begin, End, Begin: A# LoveOz YA Anthology’. We have heard so many great reviews from this book and from constant recommendations from the bookstagram community. We finally went and bought ourselves a copy!
  6. ‘Caraval’ by Stephanie Garber. This is another book that we have also heard a lot of great reviews on. We are really excited for this read and we can’t wait to pick up a copy of the ‘Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern in the future.
  7. ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas. We have been wanting to read this for a while. This book was constantly recommended to us and we can’t wait to get stuck into it!

Fingers crossed we will get through all of these. What’s on your June TBR? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,

Georgia and Morgan – ‘Pocket Full of Pages’.

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May 2017 – Wrap Up

How crazy has this month been? We were very busy and productive this month. With the month flying by so fast, we managed to read through a total of 11 books! This is our personal best for our monthly TBR stacks! We really loved the majority of the books that were read this month.

Now onto the books that we have read:

‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ by Sandhya Menon.

With the recent release of ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’, we were so thankful to Hachette Australia for sending us an ebook copy to review! Whilst we have been making an effort to read more diversely, we became particularly intrigued with the novel when we learned that the novel featured two Indian protagonists as it’s two main characters.

Book Rating: 4.5/5 Stars.


We read ‘Lost in a book‘ by Jennifer Donnelly as part of our Book

Buddyathon TBR.

Book Rating: 3/5 Stars.


We have also read:

-‘Hunted’ by Meagan Spooner – 3.5/5 Stars.

-‘All the Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven – 3/5 Stars.

-‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass – 5/5 Stars.

-‘Release’ by Patrick Ness – 4/5 Stars.

-‘Letters to the Lost’ by Brigid Kemmerer – 5/5 Stars.

-‘Strange the Dreamer’ by Laini Taylor – 4/5 Stars.

– ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’ by Nicola Yoon –4/5 Stars.


With the upcoming release of ‘Tell it to the Moon’ by Siobhan Curham, Walker Books kindly sent us the first book to the series ‘The Moonlight Dreamers’ to review. We absolutely loved this short and inspirational read. Not to mention, the cover is absolutely stunning! Book Rating: 4.5/5 Stars.


We were also very lucky and grateful to Black Inc Australia for sending us this beautiful copy of ‘Nona & Me’ by Clare Atkins to review. We just adored the main characters throughout this novel which gave into our never-ending emotions! We love the messages that we took away from this beautiful novel! Book Rating 4/5 Stars.


Well, that’s a wrap for this month! Stay tuned as we will mention the books on our June TBR very soon! Until next time. 😊

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May TBR – 2017

May TBR 2017! 

This year is just flying by! We can’t believe that we have already reached May! Last month, we had a great reading month. We read a total of 6 books (okay so not a whole lot, but we are proud of our efforts as we had to time manage and work on assessment pieces at the same time).

 We’re super excited to dive straight into out May TBR!

May TBR:

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer.

Lost in a book by Jennifer Donnelly.


The Selection by Kiera Cass.


When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon.

Countless by Karen Gregory.

Room Empty by Sarah Mussi.

So that’s 7 books that we currently own that we already plan to read! There are a few other titles that we are desperate to read however, we will need to see how many we get through!

What are your most anticipated reads for this month?

Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,

Georgia & Morgan.

                                                          ~Pocket Full of Pages.

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April 2017- Wrap Up

    April 2017 Wrap Up.

I can’t believe we are in May already? The year keeps flying by too quickly!! For the majority of last month, we were reading almost every day with the occasional breaks for school/university related assignments. For our April TBR, we managed to get through 6 books!

Let’s get into the books that we read!


1. Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon.

4/5 stars.

Everything, Everything has quickly become one of our favourite books in YA literature! Everything, Everything focuses on a young woman’s self- discovery of herself and adapting to her world around her. Nicola Yoon has done an amazing job in portraying the likeness of her characters making them more imaginable and relatable to everyday teenagers.

To find out more, read our review here!


2. We Are Okay, by Nina LaCour.

4/5 Stars.

After falling in love with this absolutely beautiful cover, we couldn’t wait to start flipping through pages. This was an extremely fast read which focused on forgiveness, hope     and coming to terms with the past.

To find out more, read our review here!

r13.  Replica, by Lauren Oliver

4/5 Stars.

Replica, by Lauren Oliver does an amazing job demonstrating the difference between the inner struggle with our outer appearances. It’s unusual to find a book that gives you a choice regarding reading experience, and Replica does this remarkably!

To find out more, read our review here!

red queen 2 #4. Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard.

5/5 Stars.

We were truly impressed by Victoria Aveyard’s writing style throughout the novel. We would come across a passage and the words would be electrifying! We fell in love with the characters over the course of this novel.

To find out more, read our review here!

ray of life edited pic5. Ray of Light, by Elle Scott.

5/5 stars.

The way this book was set out with distinctive character perspectives raised important issues in which created great plot twists. We just couldn’t put this book down and we felt that we were on this fantastic and unforgettable adventure along with the characters!

 To find out more, read our review here!

the call 26.  ‘The Call’ by Peadar O’Guilin.

4/5 stars.

We loved ‘The Call’ and it’s unique, thrilling horrors which allowed our adrenaline to run wild! It’s also a beautiful book in the way it manages to portray love and that it never loses hope.

To find out more, read our review here

What were your favourite reads from last month?

Until next time,

Georgia and Morgan.

                                                                                                                     ~ Pocket Full of Pages.

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April TBR!

Happy April!

Can you believe that it’s April already?? we can’t!

We have our very first TBR for April this month. We are super excited to dive into it!

We plan to continue our Marissa Meyer readathon in April. We also plan to re-read ‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard in anticipation of the recent release of ‘Kings Cage’ also by Victoria Aveyard!

Here’s what else we are reading …

Our April TBR:


‘WE ARE OKAY’ by Nina LaCour

‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard

‘Stars Above’ by Marissa Meyer

‘The Call’ by Peadar O’Guilin

‘Replica’ by Lauren Oliver


‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard

Review Copies:

‘From the Ashes’ by Shelby K. Morrison

We also have these pre-orders that we are excited for also!

‘THE HATE U GIVE’ by Angie Thomas

Hmmmm, that’s a lot more books than we expected!

Guess we better start reading!

Tell us what you plan to read this April??

Have you read any of these before? Let us know in the comments!

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places that you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss