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‘Magrit’ by Lee Battersby

‘Magrit’ by Lee Battersby

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Published Date: March, 2016

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Page Count: 272 pages.

Purchase here: Walker Books Australia + Book Depository 


Magrit lives in an abandoned cemetery with her friend and advisor, Master Puppet, whom she built from bones and bits of graveyard junk. One night as Magrit and Master Puppet sit atop of their crumbling chapel, a passing stork drops a baby into the graveyard. Defying Master Puppet’s demands that the baby be disposed of, and taking no heed of his dire warnings, Magrit decides to raise the baby herself. She gives him a name: Bugrat. Magrit loves Bugrat like a brother But Master Puppet know all too well what will happen when Bugrat grows up – that the truth about them all will be revealed.


We received a copy of Magrit to review from Walker Books Australia! Thank you very much for sending it our way! magrit review 2

We have to admit we haven’t had the chance to read many Children’s Middle-Grade books for quite a while! However, Magrit by Lee Battersby really spoke to us as it’s such a beautiful novel.

The novel really helped open our eyes to the people and situations around us. As the main character, Magrit slowly opens up about her emptiness and loneliness, the graveyard which she calls home slowly expands, allowing herself to capture her own thoughts and discover the clues to the mystery of which we call life.

Small, lovely illustrations throughout the novel really helped capture the books ideal audience and portray the world in which the characters situate.

Although we were a little confused at the very beginning of the novel, this was easily explained as the novel continued. As we were introduced to Magrit she was slowly opening up and being introduced to herself at the same time. This was special in the way that it was portrayed as the author allowed us to understand the character and the truths of which she was trying to unravel.

This was such a gorgeous novel which explored grief, loneliness, honesty, friendship, and adventure. This novel really captured our hearts and we are quite positive it would capture yours as well! This is the perfect story for all younger readers.

Book Rating: 3/5⭐️




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