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‘Pointe, Claw’ by Amber J. Keyser

‘Pointe, Claw’ by Amber J. Keyser.


Publisher: Walker Books.

Published: April 1st 2017.

Page Count: 280 Pages.

Genre: YA Contemporary, Realistic Fiction.

ISBN: 9781467775915


This book follows a pair of childhood friends who are both running out of time. Jessie is a dancer in an elite Ballet program that requires her full attention and 100% perfection to land a spot in a professional company. However, as she begins to experiment throughout her dance, nothing has felt more dangerous. She has one shot at her dream.

Meanwhile, her friend Dawn’s life is just shattering around her. She constantly awakes in unusual places after black outs; bruised, battered and unable to speak, the doctors are out of ideas.


Firstly, a huge thank you to Walker Books Australia for sending us a gorgeous copy of ‘Pointe, Claw’ to review 😊.

We are honestly so surprised with this book! We don’t normally buy and read these types of books so we had no idea what to expect. We are very pleased that we took the time to read this novel! It was a little weird but at the same time, we found it really interesting. Not to mention, the plot was just so intense between the relationship of the two main characters, Jessie and Dawn.

There was a certain wildness and untamed side to the author’s writing style and ability that completely reeled us in! This intense and truly surreal story really outlines certain struggles that both girls face. Both of their points of view are completely unique whilst still portraying a deep connection towards each other as they try and piece together their complicated past, where childhood best friends were ripped away from each other.

Whilst reading this unique novel, we found that both girls had a certain honesty and rawness about them when they faced different situations.

In Dawn’s case, the author allows us to clearly see fragments of what she is dealing with as the story progresses. This is partly the reason why we were so intrigued with this novel! As we slowly grasped what was happening to Dawn, we were constantly left wondering if we should believe something serious was going on with her health or if it was just all in her head? The lead up and suspense in this novel was really entertaining. The author would start to describe different accounts of what was happening then she would just leave us on the edge of our seats!

Don’t even get us started on Dawn’s mother. She is just so frustrating! She rarely cared about Dawn and what she truly wanted out of life. She only cared about finding a cure for an unknown medical condition and about her daughter’s body image to try and help her dress and act differently.

The other character, Jessie is a lot easier to understand. Jessie is a dancer in an elite Ballet program which requires her absolute full attention and 100% perfection. As Jessie begins to experiment throughout her dancing style and technique, the author does an incredible job at portraying the ultimate stakes!

She describes the brutality of being a ballerina with the constant pain, blood and strain that each performer learns to overcome. The drive that the dancers had left us in awe. Their determination in the way they connect to the music and themselves was truly inspiring.

We have always loved reading books about Ballet. ‘Pointe, Claw’ is all about mental pain, physical pain, determination and the ability to follow your own advice and dreams.

This book didn’t give us all the answers however, it left us thinking about how strange and extraordinary this book is with its unique characters. We do wish this book had a greater resolution however, it let us fill in the gaps ourselves.

We just loved how both girls created their own idea of feminism and how they embraced each other, including their distinctive wildness.

This is the first book that we have read by Amber J. Keyser and it won’t be the last! We definitely recommend this novel. It’s something completely different! You will either love its uniqueness or hate it entirely, but we can honestly say we loved it!

What have you recently finished reading? Let us know in the comments! 😊📚.

Book Rating: 4/5 Stars⭐️


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