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‘Ray of Light’ by Elle Scott

‘Ray of Light’ by Elle Scott.

Publisher: Danielle Burrows.

Published: First edition – 2017.

Page Length: 384 pages.

Genre: YA, Sci-fi and Fantasy.

“Even after DARKNESS has crept throughout my body and threatened to leave me EMPTY, I don’t feel hollow. Instead, a small SPARKLE OF LIGHT glistens in the distance, and it’s called HOPE.

Firstly, a huge thank you to Elle Scott for sending us this gorgeous copy of ‘Ray of Light’ to review!!


What if five minutes became five years?

What if your friends became foes?

What if every truth became a lie?

Yesterday, Nora worked for Palladium Enterprises with her closest friends, collecting orbs that have the power to protect or destroy. Today, she’s caught in a war.

One choice can change everything.


Throughout this futuristic world, the stakes are high as it’s filled with characters that will grab and transform you from the start. Throughout the three-strong female leads self-discovery and personal capabilities are found.

This gorgeous cover is definitely eye catching and beautiful, motivating you to pick up and read this intriguing book that personally, looks at self-discovery, betrayal, friendships, love and grief.

The blurb helps get you intrigued about what’s hidden under the cover of this debuting novel! We absolutely loved reading this unique and daring story which has been written from the perspectives of multiple people. This helps to gather more depth and helped us gather a greater understanding of each character and their perspectives. It also helped to gain a greater knowledge behind the motives of the ‘uprising’ between the two organizations feuding over power and ownership of all orbs.

The way this book was set out with distinctive character perspectives raised important issues and created great plot twists. We felt the pull and release of each character’s emotions however, more in relation to the main character Nora. Throughout her pain, excitement, lust, love and grief, we devoured this book in such a short amount of time!

We just couldn’t put this book down and we felt that we were on this fantastic and unforgettable adventure along with the characters! The story was creative and fast paced. This is a perfect read for YA readers and Sci-Fi/Fantasy lovers. We really enjoyed the knowledge behind this book and the connection to the ‘Corridor’ and how 5 minutes’ turns into 5 years.

Throughout this fast-paced story line, this book was just so hard to put down. We had to keep telling ourselves, “no breaks just keep reading”. Through a couple of late nights, we finally finished this incredible and highly anticipated read. We loved the story line of ‘Ray of light’ as it was so unique to anything we’ve ever read before.

Through the use of imaginative imagery and well developed characters, this added to the plot which was fast paced, with twists and turns around each corner. We could never predict what was going to happen next! It was exactly what we wanted to read. It was right up our alley!

‘Ray of light’ by Elle Scott was an intriguing and engaging story that was interactive in the way that everyone can relate to her characters throughout this futuristic world. We could recommend ‘Ray of light’ to those who adore the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy as well as those who love YA novels and are always on the hunt for a new read!

Overall, we really enjoyed this book and will be waiting in anticipation for the sequel!!!

Book Rating: 5/5


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